Zombies On A Plane! Fear the Walking Dead Flight 462

Fear The Walking Dead

image: amc.com

Zombies seem to be quite popular these days thanks in part to one of my all-time favorite shows, The Walking Dead. The show is back this Sunday, October 11 for season 6.

Due to the show’s popularity, a companion series and something of a prequel debuted this summer called Fear the Walking Dead. It’s short first season just ended and I’d say that it was very good but not quite the level of the original.

You might be wondering, what do zombies and Walking Dead have to do with travel? Not a whole lot, however… Continue reading

Southwest Mocks Airline Fees, Giving Away 3 $250 Gift Cards

Southwest Airlines

I’ve mentioned many times in the past how I like Southwest for their friendly customer service, unorthodox boarding procedure, no change fees and not charging bag fees.

I recently received an e-mail about Southwest’s Transfarency. With Southwest they claim to have low fares and nothing to hide. So things included are 1st & 2nd checked bags, no change fees and free live TV.

While Southwest is boasting about these things, they’re also mocking some other airlines in a funny new campaign/ contest where 3 lucky winners will each get a $250 Southwest gift card. Continue reading

You DID NOT Win An All Expenses Paid Trip to Paris


A rather odd e-mail arrived in my inbox earlier in the day from Aeromexico.

The random e-mail that I received from Aeromexico was in Spanish. When I signed up to receive e-mail alerts from the airline, I’d assume that it asked my location and language. This makes me wonder why I don’t get messages from them in English.

So the subject was “Aviso Importante” (Important Announcement). Continue reading

Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Doha

Radisson Blu Doha

image: Hotels.com

During our trip to the Mid- East Gulf States many of our hotel stays were booked using Club Carlson Gold Points prior to the loss of the 2nd night free benefit.

Since we had a few flights leaving late at night, this allowed us to book a 2nd night rather than leaving our things in a luggage room. After a day out and about traveling, we could go to the room, shower and relax before heading off to the airport. This was definitely a nice luxury!

While spending 24 Hours in Doha, we stayed at the Radisson Blu. Continue reading

Can You Eat Food From Every Country in World in NYC?

United Nations of Food

Well one man is trying to…

One of the fun parts of travel is trying out the local cuisine. If the food isn’t so great (Nicaragua comes to mind for me), you’ll be hoping to find something that reminds you of home. Give me a decent burger, slice of pizza, even McDonald’s at times!

I came across the story of Charles Biblios over the summer in an article from Gothamist and I thought his “mission” seemed pretty awesome.

Charles’s mission, according to his blog United Nations of Food is “to eat (reasonably) authentic cuisine from every country in the world (160 countries), without leaving New York City“. Continue reading

Visit LaGuardia Airport’s Marine Air Terminal During Open House New York

LaGuardia Airport Marine Air Terminal

The 13th annual Open House New York weekend will take place on October 17-18, 2015.

OHNY is a great way to gain access to hundreds of sites around the five boroughs for free which might usually be closed or charge a fee to visit.

You can find out about Open House New York 2015 in a post that I wrote over the summer.

This year, Kim and I are planning to visit a bunch of sites but there is one that really stands out which happens to do with travel. Continue reading

Oktoberfest Attendance Falls, Should You Attend?

Munich Oktoberfest

The biggest beer celebration in the world, Munich’s Oktoberfest recently came to an end. I wasn’t so surprised to read an article from Yahoo related to the event. Yahoo wrote that Oktoberfest attendance falls amid German border controls.

According to the article, 400,000 less visitors came to the event than during the previous year. This accounted for 400,000 less steins of beer being sold. Wow, talk about a big decrease. I wonder how this affects the economy of the city and jobs related to the event?

When Kim, Lucas and I went to Oktoberfest in 2013, we had an amazing time and would love to go again. Continue reading

Kuwait Air Discriminated, $75K Hotel Room, 101 Best Pizzas, Southwest Offers Hamster-Sitting, Bourdain Food Hall, 24 Hours in Qatar & more- The Rehash!


Last week, Kim, Lucas and I got back from our most recent trip- Grenada. We had a really great (but short) time and I made it to my 70th country visited! At the moment we have no future flights booked. Hopefully this will change soon.

Our next little trip will be this coming weekend, when we head to Philadelphia. This is one of the trips we booked due to the Club Carlson second night free benefit ending. I’m looking forward to checking out the Radisson Blu Warick.

I recently applied for two credit cards although I’m not feeling confident about hearing back about one of them. (Rene’s Points recently wrote about a fantastic offer from a bank that most of us have probably never heard of before.) Continue reading