Chase Ink Retention Offer, United Planes Powered By Animal Fat, Pilots Taking Selfies, JetBlue JFK Rooftop, White House Photo Ban Lifted & More- The Rehash!

The Rehash!

We got home late last night from our first trip of the summer. Kim, Lucas and I had a very nice time traveling around Nicaragua.

As usual, it’s never enough time as we could’ve used another 5-7 days to see more of the country. I’d mark this visit an incomplete one since there is more that I’d like to see and do in Nicaragua in the future. Continue reading

Chase Ink Plus, A Quick & Easy Retention Call

Chase Ink Plus

image: Chase Credit Cards

The $95 fee recently came up for one of my favorite credit cards, the Chase Ink Plus so I had a tough decision to make… Should it stay or should it go? My options were to cancel or try to keep my card.

If I closed my account, it wouldn’t really be the biggest deal since I still currently have an Ink Bold. The Bold offers the same 5X points benefits at office supply stores and cell phone & other telecom bills.

So what to do? Continue reading

United Airlines To Fly Planes Powered By Food Scraps, Animal Fat & Farm Waste

United AirlinesI just came across some very interesting info on a way that United Airlines plans to save some money while also going a bit green.

United plans to “fly planes powered by a biofuel made from food scraps (among other household waste), farm waste and animal fat” according to Grub Street.

This sounds like a great way to take recycling to a new level. Continue reading

An Odd Club Carlson Credit Card Bonus Offer

Club Carlson Credit Card

With the Club Carlson credit card second night free benefit ending at the beginning of last month, Gold Points have lost a significant amount of value.

Besides losing this great benefit, to top it off, the amount of points needed to redeem for a free night have also gone up at many properties.

Kim recently got an offer for her Club Carlson credit card which seemed a bit odd. Continue reading

JetBlue T5 Rooftop Opens For All At JFK

JetBlue T5

image: JetBlue

Back in 2013 Delta opened a nice outdoor space at the Sky Club at JFK Airport called the Sky Deck. Check out my post about it here.

While I enjoyed visiting the Sky Deck, I haven’t been back since I haven’t flown much out of T4 and also no longer have access to the lounge…

Today was a big day at JFK Airport as a new outdoor space opened by JetBlue at T5. Best of all is that the T5 Rooftop is open to all- no lounge membership or status needed! Continue reading