Is New York the Best Meat City in America?

meat city

Peter Luger Steahouse

Whenever we tell people that we meet when traveling that we’re from NYC or Brooklyn, more often then not they mention how they love the city and would love to visit again some day.

Why do people love New York so much? It could be due to the shopping, Broadway shows, Central Park or maybe even the since it is the home of the NY Mets. (OK, I’m willing to bet that it isn’t for my last reason!)

I just came across another reason why people might want to visit New York. Continue reading

2 Free Nights + 40,000 Points for $142- My IHG Into the Nights Offer Posted!

IHG Promotions

A couple of weeks back, Kim, Lucas and I headed to Norwalk, Connecticut to spend some time checking out the area. However, the reason we picked the location was not exactly by choice. It was chosen due to my offer for the IHG Into the Nights promotion.

If I completed three out of four tasks from my offers I could earn 2 free bonus nights along with a nice amount of points. This made the offer a no-brainer for me. Continue reading

Take TripIt’s Traveler Personality Quiz, Win A Prize

travel quizTripIt launched their first ever Traveler Personality Quiz so you can find out if you are a “thrill-seeker, beach bum, or one of the many other travel personalities”.

When I opened up this e-mail it made me wonder what kind of traveler I’d consider myself. I figured their quiz might be a fun way to find out what kind of traveler they’d consider me.

The best part of the quiz is that you won’t just find out what kind of travel personality you have, you’ll also be entered to win one of ten prizes! Continue reading

Oktoberfest, Route 66 & Pizza: Oklahoma Trip: Day 2

Change of Heart, Heading to Oktoberfest Tomorrow!

A couple of days back I wrote about Day 1 of our recent trip to Oklahoma. The main purpose of our visit was to experience Oktoberfest in America at Tulsa’s take on the event.

This trip was very economical to book with the help of miles, points and cash. If it wasn’t for miles and points we’d probably not take these kind of excursions. Find out about all of my trip booking details here.

Day 2 continued where we left off, heading back to Oktoberfest. We then decided to visit a couple of fun Route 66 attractions before heading to what I read was the state’s best pizza. Continue reading

10 Best Halloween Celebrations in U.S.

halloween usa

Halloween can be a really fun day for all ages. Growing up I always looked forward to this ghoulish day but as I got older, (like most I’d assume) I became less ¬†enthusiastic about it.

In my adult life I’ve only dressed up a handful of times that I can recall. I dressed up as a baseball player, in my idea of traditional German clothing (not what I’ve worn to Oktoberfest) and DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba. I may have left out one other time that I’ve dressed up but I can’t think of what I dressed as. Continue reading

Flight Attendants Making Ebola Kits?

ebola precautionsA little over a week back I wrote how I’d Fly To South Africa Amid Ebola Fears.

This post was more a hypothetical statement rather than a let’s go to Africa right now kind of idea. I’m very glad that Kim and I have had the chance to visit Africa a few times. We took many safaris and those trips are some of our fondest travel memories.

When the time is right I do hope to return to Africa. I can’t wait to see Lucas’ face the first time he sees elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras and a variety of other animals roaming freely where they belong. It is this image that most makes me want to return to a continent that I’ve had such great experiences in. Continue reading

Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Countries 2015

top 10 travel destinations

Newspapers, magazines and travel websites are always coming out with lists of top countries to visit for the upcoming year.

I’m always curious to see which countries make the top countries lists. Even more fun is seeing how many we’ve been to and how many we’d like to go to in the future. These kinds of lists can even be a good way to get some trip ideas and travel inspiration. Continue reading

WOW’d By Fares To Europe for $228+?

wow air

A couple of hours back I came across a tweet from USA Today’s Ben Mutzabaugh about some incredible fares for flights to Europe.

However these bargain basement prices might not be exactly what they seem.

WOW air, an Icelandic budget airline announced plans for flights to the US today. The airline will be flying to Boston and Baltimore/ Washington (BWI) with flights starting at an incredible $228 roundtrip, including tax. Continue reading

Oktoberfest, Ice Cream & Racing: Oklahoma Trip: Day 1

Change of Heart, Heading to Oktoberfest Tomorrow!

Last week I wrote about having a change of heart and our decision to head to Oktoberfest.

With the big festival ending in Munich the week before, we decided to head to an American version in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Some of you might wonder- why Oklahoma? My typical answer when asked why I am going to a place is, why not? (With a variety of travel goals and one being to visit every state in America, this would get one more checked off the list!) Continue reading