Get Your Southwest Branded…

Earlier in the year I wrote about how Southwest was selling reusable car seat/ stroller bags. If you’re worried about your stroller or car seat getting messed up while in transit, the bag seems to be a pretty good deal at just $15.

During our first couple of flights with Lucas, we put his stroller into a bag to keep it from getting dirty or ruined. However, we found it to be a big pain and not worth the effort. Since then his stroller has made it out safely after all of our flights. (Find out where Lucas has flown up until turning 2 this past January.)

Well enough about Southwest’s car seat/ stroller bags (and me bragging about Lucas).

I came across what could be a very useful item for some of you from Southwest. Continue reading

A Way To Stay For Free When Traveling

When planning our travels there is a wide variety of places to stay. You can stay at hotels which fit all kinds of budgets, stay in hostels which can range from 20 person dorms to private rooms with ensuite bathrooms, go the Airbnb route or even camp out.

Yesterday I wrote about an interesting opportunity to spend a night at an Ikea in-store display home. This is a one-time opportunity at an Ikea in Australia so you can’t really consider it another lodging option while traveling…

I just came across another idea and way to potentially save a lot of money on lodging while traveling.
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Best Underwater Adventures In the World

image from Fodor’s article

During my travels I’m not one that will look to do many activities that deal with water. It’s not that I’m not a good swimmer, I do consider myself to be pretty decent. The reason I am not so into water/ underwater activities is due to the fact that I (unfortunately) suffer from sea-sickness.

However, I have enjoyed snorkeling and kayaking at a variety of destinations during my trips. If an activity takes place on a lake or river then they are fair game, when in open-water like an ocean or sea then it is much more debatable.  Continue reading

Airbnb Teams Up With Ikea To Offer In-Store Stay

I’ve been a fan of Airbnb for quite some time now. During our first stay using Airbnb we had an awesome experience in Singapore. However, when they released a new logo back in July I wondered what was up.

I recently (jokingly) wrote that you can forget Airbnb, celebrity homes you can rent. The funny thing was that many of the celeb homes were actually available for rent through the site.

Now Airbnb has teamed up with a new partner to offer a very interesting (or maybe many would call it a strange) place to stay. Continue reading

Top Fall Trips For Foodies


I think most of you would agree that food plays a very big part when it comes to travel.

I’ve never taken a local cooking course or went on a trip with the main reason being the food. (I have had a few trips inspired by beer in the past though!) However, Kim and I have gone on our own mini-food tours during trips in the past.

Here are a few that come to mind:

  • Trying lobster rolls (and whoopie pies) in Maine
  • Eating lots of pizza around Rome
  • Trying some of New Haven’s great apizza
  • Sampling some great cheesesteaks in Philadelphia
  • A never-ending quest to try out the best pizza and burgers around Brooklyn and NYC for that matter.

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I Won A $500 Expedia Voucher!

My Twitter luck has struck once again and this is probably my biggest win yet!

Back in May I participated in a Club Carlson promotion called #HashtagHotel on Twitter and won 10,000 Gold Points. I’ve also found Twitter extremely useful for dealing with various customer service issues with airlines and hotels.

The value of Twitter has been pretty noticeable ever since I started using it.

Another interesting and fun thing that I take part in from time to time are Twitter Chats. Continue reading

Are These The Best Burgers In America?

A Burger Worth Waiting For: Holeman & Finch, Atlanta

Double Cheeseburger- Holeman and Finch

Burgers rank high on my list of favorite foods coming in just behind pizza. (Maybe even a tie.) While at home and when traveling (mainly domestic), I try to find the best burgers to chow down on.

The thing that I find so great about burgers is how they can be prepared so many different ways. The types of meat, bun, cheese and other toppinsg can make for an infinite amount of combinations!

Another fun thing about burgers are how they also come in a wide range of regional varieties. For example-  Minnesota has the Juicy Lucy’s which are stuffed with cheese while Milwaukee has butter burgers (use your imagination). I loved Minnesota’s regionally unique burger but found Milwaukee’s to not be my thing. Continue reading

Free Entry To US National Parks for NPS Birthday

The U.S. National Parks Service is turning 98 in a couple of days from now and will be offering a great perk which comes around just a handful of times each year.

Monday, August 25 will be one of the Free Entrance Days at the national parks, giving you access for free to all 401 parks. (Only 133 parks actually charge an entrance fee.) Continue reading

Remember To Use Your 8,000 FREE Spirit Miles

Back in July, Spirit ran a very interesting and generous promotion Giving Away 1,000,000,000 Miles. Through the promo, each Spirit member could receive 8,000 FREE SPIRIT Miles by filling out a form and complaining about any airline. This was definitely an easy task.

My Share of the Miles posted like clockwork, just when Spirit said they would but I’ve yet to do anything with them since. Continue reading