WOW’d By Fares To Europe for $228+?

wow air

A couple of hours back I came across a tweet from USA Today’s Ben Mutzabaugh about some incredible fares for flights to Europe.

However these bargain basement prices might not be exactly what they seem.

WOW air, an Icelandic budget airline announced plans for flights to the US today. The airline will be flying to Boston and Baltimore/ Washington (BWI) with flights starting at an incredible $228 roundtrip, including tax. Continue reading

Oktoberfest, Ice Cream & Racing: Oklahoma Trip: Day 1

Change of Heart, Heading to Oktoberfest Tomorrow!

Last week I wrote about having a change of heart and our decision to head to Oktoberfest.

With the big festival ending in Munich the week before, we decided to head to an American version in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Some of you might wonder- why Oklahoma? My typical answer when asked why I am going to a place is, why not? (With a variety of travel goals and one being to visit every state in America, this would get one more checked off the list!) Continue reading

Best Airports For Kids

traveling with kidsOver Lucas first 2+ years traveling, he’s visited just a shade under 50 airports.

Over this time we’ve come across some airports which have really fun play areas for kids. As great as these play areas can seem, there have also been times where we’ve had to avoid or distract Lucas from seeing them. When you’re in a rush to catch a flight, there isn’t always time for a play pit-stop! Continue reading

$800K To Spare? Buy Your Own Town

town for sale

Earlier in the year I wrote about a couple of options to become the owner of your own town! Sounds pretty cool and what’s more impressive than saying you own a town…

There was a European town available at the bargain basement price of $0 although it would certainly cost a small fortune to bring it back to live-in condition. If you are more interested in staying close to home, a town in the U.S. was going for a cool $1.5 million. This one came with a general store along with some other buildings in better shape than the one in Europe. Continue reading